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New! Coming Soon: The Collagen Pen Treatment CIT

MicroNeedling therapy leads to smoother, fresher and younger-looking skin. The Micro pen may also have a positive effect on hyper-pigmentation , acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that initiates the body’s natural healing response. The results include increased production of collagen and elastin, enhanced absorption of serums such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors. This process will stimulate the healing process in our skin
resulting in a clearer firmer radiant skin.

NEW! Growth Factor Facial

A new revolutionary deep cleansing facial utilizing ultrasonic infusion with a Growth Factor Rejuvenating Complex . This facial is a full session treatment including extractions, massage, and a intensive growth factor mask Treatment. The results are fresh beautiful radiant skin.

75 Min $ 125.00

What is a Growth Factor ?

Growth factors are natural proteins abundant in young skin that are important for optimum skin health and beauty. They are involved in cell turnover and generation, collagen production, and elastin production.

Gf Rejuvenating Complex

1 vial per facial session

Epidermal and Fibroblast growth factors promote a more radiant complexion and firmer skin. Peptides helps smooth skin and increase elasticity. Hyaluronic acid protects skin from moisture loss and vitamin C guard against free radical damage.

Skin Conditions

Aging, dehydration, sun damage, rosacea, sensitive, acne, and problematic skin

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-pure, non-irritating formula that can be during and after many procedures to enhance results
  • Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Supports new cell generation and firmer skin for younger-looking complexion

Copper Peptides (GHK-Cu): Can be effective against skin irritation, mainly due to their anti-inflammatory effect, during and after esthetic treatments for Optimize healing.

NEW! The Sun Lovers/Anti - Aging Facial/For Dry Skin

The anti-aging facial include’s a thorough deep cleansing of the skin , a gentle polish and a Vitamin C light chemical peel (Extractions are included). Enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy facial massage to sooth all of your senses. A specialty hyaluronic mask with antioxidants will be applied to your skin ending with a serum containing antioxidants like vitamin C, peptides , stem cells and hyaluronic acid (which attracts water to the cells). This treatment will balance the skin to promote clear, well-nourished hydrated skin.

75 Min $ 125.00

NEW! REVITALASH Advanced Products - 2 ML $ 98.00

NEW RevitaLash Advanced is the brand’s unique eyelash conditioner that is designed to enhance thin or weak eyelashes and transform them into the luxuriously natural eyelashes of your dreams. With an intriguing viscous texture that prevents the product from running, once applied the RevitaLash Advanced will stay on lashes all day

Revita Brow 3.5 ML $ 110.00




YANA™ offers a new approach to skin health utilizing patented bioactive collagen
peptides that are clinically shown to...

YANA™ improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days. With German Ingenuity, YANA™ is
uniquely formulated with Lumiplex™ technology, a highly concentrated proprietary blend of collagen
peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins. The path to radiant skin has never been easier.


The formulation of YANA™ began with Dr. Marc's quest to offer a total-body approach to the maintenance of beautiful skin. What makes this product revolutionary is the Lumiplex™ proprietary blend of advanced technologies that deliver five powerful restorative compounds to increase the skin's production of collagen, and improve firmness and hydration. The results are amazing and clinically proven to help the skin Age Later®.

$ 99.00 a bottle

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